• Beautiful Regence style mantel made of natural carved wood - Reference 3610
  • Beautiful antique indo-portuguese style fireplace made out of wood marquetry and bone - Reference 3659
  • Antique Napoleon III style oak wood fireplace with "JF" initials - Reference 2315
  • Exceptional Exceptional antique oak wood fireplace made after the model of the fireplace in the Hercules Salon in Versailles Palace - Reference 2562
  • Antique Neo-Renaissance fireplace in oak with a painting with two putti - Reference 3456
  • Antique Neo-Renaissance fireplace in oak with a portrait of woman - Reference 3457
  • Large antique oak wood fireplace, Regence style, 1st half of the 19th c. - Reference 3449
  • Exceptional Exceptionnal oak mantel by Louis Boileau and Léon Perrey - Reference 1758
  • Antique wooden and stucco fireplace with large medallion featuring Diana the Huntress - Reference 3299
  • Beautiful antique Neo-Gothic style fireplace in sculpted walnut with hood, representing St Michael slaying the demon - Reference 3238
  • Important antique carved walnut fireplace with painting from the 17th century after Giovanni Andrea CASELLA - Reference 3165
  • Antique Empire style fireplace with gilt bronze ornaments : "Triumph of Diana and Apollo" - Reference 3047
  • Large antique Napoléon III style fireplace made out of carved oak with brass insert - Reference 3044
  • Antique Louis XV period Walnut and Beechwood mantel - Reference 1575
  • Neo-Renaissance style Fireplace in Oak with Lion's head - Reference 2947
  • Monumental antique Neo-Gothic style fireplace with hood made out of carved walnut and courtly scenes - Reference 2925
  • Large antique Neo-Renaissance style fireplace made out of carved walnut with Helm Knight decor - Reference 2765
  • Antique walnut mantel with ceramic from the 19th century - Reference 1676
  • Antique Napoleon III style fireplace in walnut wood - Reference 2512
  • Large antique Napoleon III style fireplace in walnut wood - Reference 2506
  • Monumental oak wood fireplace with painting on canvas depicting Joan of Arc - Reference 2503
  • Neo-Renaissance style antique fireplace in carved walnut wood - Reference 2398
  • Antique Neo-gothic style wood fireplace with troubadours - Reference 2309
  • Large oak wood Louis XIII style fireplace with trumeau mirror - Reference 2314
  • Oak fireplace with portrait of a gentleman - Reference 0511
  • Large antique Neo-Gothic style fireplace made out of walnut wood - Reference 2249
  • Antique walnut fireplace with Satyr mask - Reference 2158
  • Antique walnut fireplace with grotesques and lions heads decoration - Reference 2019
  • Antique Neo-Renaissance style walnut mantelpiece With Diane de Poitiers coat of arms after the monumental fireplace coming from the Chateau of Villeroy and exhibited at the Louvre Museum - Reference 1887
  • Antique oak mantel from the 19th century - Reference 1679
  • Antique mahogany mantel with lion heads - Reference 1673
  • Antique Mahogany Mantel piece with overmantel  - Reference 1666
  • Antique Walnut hooded mantel from the 19th century - Reference 1631
  • Large Oak antique mantel with Hood from a Chateau - Reference 1558
  • Oak and Stucco Mantel from a Wood Paneled Room  - Reference 1529
  • Mahogany fireplace mantel and trumeau - Reference 9275
  • Oak mantle and trumeau with portrait of lady - Reference 0510
What we offer.

The biggest choice of french mantels in marble.

Wide choice of architectural elements. We organize the delivery worldwide.

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