• Exceptional antique Regency style complete paneled room in mahogany marquetry with fireplace, France 19th century - Reference 3221
  • Antique Napoleon III style set of panels in oak and blackened pearwood with paneled decoration - Reference 3465
  • Antique set of carved panels in oak with paneled decor, 19th century - Reference 3462
  • Large pair of Louis XV style door tops in wood and painted stucco, 19th c. - Reference 10846
  • Rare Napoleon III paneled room in blackened wood with its monumental fireplace in stucco in imitation of porphyry - Reference 3320
  • Pair of walnut and gilt stucco alcoves, Louis-Philippe style, with Allegory of Renown - Reference 10493
  • Antique carved oak wood panel decorated with trophies of arms, 19th century - Reference 10674
  • Large antique carved oak wood paneled room with hunting trophies and still lifes decor - Reference 3294
  • Oak wood paneled room with satyres heads and drapery patterns, 19th century - Reference 3017
  • Set of oak carved panels with vitruvian scroll - Reference 3018
  • 18th century oak and fir wood paneled room - Reference 2910
  • Louis XV style paneled room with its fireplace made out of carved oak - Reference 2899
  • Beautiful Louis XV style paneled room with 18th century stone fireplace - Reference 2777
  • Very beautiful antique Louis XVI style paneled room coming from the Hotel de Crillon, Paris - Reference 2350
  • Antique walnut paneled room Louis XVI style - Reference 2074
  • Oak paneled room from the beginning of the 20th century - Reference 1688
  • Louis XV style oak panelled room - Reference 1689
  • Sue and Mare Art Deco scrolled bases - Reference 9615
  • Louis XVI style Oak and Stucco paneled room  - Reference 1530
  • Two storey wood library from the 1940's - Reference 9464
  • Paneled room with Coromandel lacquer panels - Reference 9355
  • Paneled room and rare parquet flooring from the 18th century - Reference 1041
What we offer.

The biggest choice of french mantels in marble.

Wide choice of architectural elements. We organize the delivery worldwide.

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