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Style Japonism, Chinoiserie / Ref.03194

Gabriel VIARDOT, Japanese cabinet "Circus games"

Width: 43'' ¼  110cm
Height: 66'' ⅞  170cm
Depth: 15'' ⅜  39cm

Circa 1880-1890.
Signed "G. Viardot"

This cabinet signed by Gabriel Viardot is truly a rare perfection of workmanship. The décor of this cabinet, directly inspired by the Far East, is of a great quality. This cabinet is made up of a lower part closed by double doors. These are formed by two panels decorated with lacquer and bone of rare quality. Of Japanese origin, they depict two men engaged in circus games. One plays with several tops while the other plays the shamisen while holding a tree bird balanced on his forehead.


The upper part of the piece is made up of different shelves placed asymmetrically, a main characteristic of Japanese pieces. One of these shelves is supported by a bronze crane mounted on a tortoise. This is a pattern we find frequently on furniture by Gabriel Viardot. Finally, a small section is closed by a door decorated with two Japanese made in low relief bronze.

Gabriel Viardot shows us here a luxurious furniture piece, of great wealth and perfect workmanship. 

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