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Style Neo-Renaissance / Ref.03168

The seats coming from an exceptional furniture set realized by Moses Michelangelo Guggenheim for the Palazzo Papadopoli in Venice, Italy

Width: 24'' ¾  63cm
Height: 42'' ⅛  107cm
Depth: 24''   61cm

Between 1874 and 1881.
Salone delle Quattro Porte, Palazzo Papadopoli, Venice, Italy.

Sculpted walnut wood and velvet.
In excellent condition.

Two armchairs and four chairs in carved walnut wood.

This set is coming from the Palazzo Papadopoli, Venice, Italy, "Salone delle Quattro Porte" which was totally refurnished between 1874 and 1881 by Moses Michelangelo Guggenheim .

The armchairs and the chairs of this set are produced in the same way with the difference that the armchairs are fitted with sculpted armrests. The base is made of four legs resting on round feet. The two front feet are tapered and fluted in their middle part, similar to columns. The architectural language here adopts an ornamental theme. The two back legs are from a square section. The feet are connected to each other by a spacer in the shape of an H, decorated in its center with an image of acanthus leaves. The frame of the seat is carved from a frieze of small flowers taking place in flowery containers. The main surface is decorated with a plant motif hanging from this frame. In the center of this motif is a crown of a duke. The uprights of the back are represented in an identical manner on all the chairs. The upper part shows the busts of sheathed women carved in very high relief and ending with an acanthus leaf. They rest on a console which again depicts the crown of the duke.The handles of the two chairs are a beautiful work of sculpture, notably through the back attachment where a winding acanthus leaf is represented. The grips protrude from the arms and show the heads women with extravagantly made up hair.

This set of 14 pieces of furniture coming from the Palazzo Papadopoli will be sold as one set.

Price: on request

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