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Style Other / Ref.12653

Charles Hunsinger (attributed to), Beautiful presentation stand with a marquetry decor, circa 1870-1880

Width: 22'' ½  57cm
Height: 42'' ⅞  109cm
Depth: 22'' ½  57cm

19th century.

Good condition.

Even though it is not signed, this beautiful presentation stand is very likely a work made in the 1870's-1880's by the French funriture makers Charles Hunsinger and Charles Wagner because of the caracteristic marquetry decoration.
Indeed, we find on our blackened wood stand a remarkable and very interesting decor of precious woods and ivory marquetry, drawing on a checked pattern, horns of plenty and flowers crowns. These elements frame an ivory medallion receiving the profil protraits of sovereigns. Small animals come also to animate the scene, such as a butterfly, a dragonfly or even snails. this stand is a very elegant and luxurious work.

Charles Husinger was born in Dossenheim in 1823, it's only around 1859 that he starts to be named in the Almanachs du Commerce as a luxurious furniture maker. He specializes himself in the ebony furniture inlaid with ivory and marquetry furniture making. In 1872, he creates a business with Charles Adolphe Frédéric WAGNER, which lasted for about ten years. During his whole career, he participates to many World Fairs and especially the ones taking place in Paris (1865, 1867, 1878 et 1889), and exhibits also in the Havre. His work was rewarded by a gold medal in Brussels in 1881, a Progress and Merit medal in Vianna and another medal in London. The inventory after his death, in 1893, shows that he continued to work during the last years of his life, dropping furniture at some sellers shops, even though he had to legally close down his business in 1890, because of a long list of creditos among which we can name his old partner, Wagner.

RELATED WORK : HUNSINGER, WAGNER Paris, Cabinet made of sculpted and blackened lime wood, marquetry of diverse variety of woods and engraved bones, 1879, Conserved at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

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