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Style Neo-gothic / Ref.0664

Monumental double door with fantastic decor

Width: 90'' ½  230cm
Height: 161'' ⅜  410cm

South of France, 19th century.

Good condition, missing one carved window pane and a wooden floral decoration.

The two doors are divided into three parts. The top section presents an oculus or round window with the face of a fantastic character above; in the centre there is an oblong opening; the bottom of the wing of each door has moulded decoration. The glass panes are delicately engraved, but one of the four is missing. The figure above the oculus, half faun half devil, is holding between its teeth a garland of oak leaves that circles the small window and falls on either side of the main oblong opening below.

Since the Middle Ages the faun was traditionally seen as one of the many symbols of the devil. Here, in pure Neo-Gothic style, a series of features - pointed teeth, ears and face – emphasize this thought. This infernal influence can be seen on a number of Parisian buildings.

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