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Style Regence / Ref.1482

Oak 19th century double door

Width: 81'' ⅞  208cm
Height: 166'' ⅞  424cm
Depth: 1'' ⅝  4cm

19th century

This Regence style oak double door is striking due to its impressive dimensions and yet elegant proportions. Each door is subdivided into four parts, at the base of both is a relief panel with a molded border. Above the panels is a braided frame enclosing a carved, high relief, and slanted feature that is also surrounded by a double volute frame. The central panels, where the doorknobs were originally, are very plain- this emphasizes the craftsmanship of the top panels. Framed in braided molding, the two sculptures are set against a plain background, and are enclosed in a frame; a frame of double volutes and foliage. The frame rests upon an engraved pannel that adds to the decor. With regards to the sculptured objects, they appear to praise science and technology; an important development during the 19th century. One of the sculptures displays a music scroll, a globe for geography, a camera, a test tube for chemistry, a compass and protractor for geometry; whilst the other displays a saw for carpentry, cog wheels, an anvel and bellows for black smiths. The two different themes shown by these two panels clearly bear an artistic element. A remarkably sculpted pannel seperates these two doors. Above, there is a series of fleur-de-lys made up of acanthus leaves which wind across the double door. At both ends of the fleur-de-lys there are the heads of two tremendous winged monsters. This decor is enhanced further by the curled carving in the wood above. Above this, two panels framed with braided molding each bear the letters E and P; a monogram referring to the owner of the house for whom this door was made for. The reverse side of the door is decorated with two moulded panels.

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