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Style Art Deco / Ref.13782

G. Scalet - Sculpture of a sea lion in green Terrazzo

Width: 23'' ⅝  60cm
Height: 36'' ⅝  93cm
Depth: 35'' ⅜  90cm

France, 20th century

Good condition

Made by G. Scalet in green terrazzo in the early 20th century, our sculpture is a representation of a sea lion raised on a front legs.
The sea lion distingues itself from the sael by its hears which are visibles and stretched out. It stands here the head turned to the sky and the body slightly displaced on the right, thus creating a spiral move. This posture chosen by the artist particularly accentuates the muscles of its back and leads to an impression of movement and dynamism.
Made entirely of terrazzo, two finish stages have been use for the animal and its rock. Indeed, the sea lion's body was smooth giving it a shining aspect. On the contrary, the base is more matte, showing thus the sculptor's will to play with the contrast effects.

The terrazzo is an assembly invented in the late 16th century in Venezzia, which is composed of natural stones pieces and colored marbles. Very used in France in the 1920's and 1930's to make floors and stairs, it was also used in the sculpture as it is the case with our sea lion.
The latter was made by moulding around an iron frame. Very resistant to the elements, our sculpture was probably an exterior decoration created to adorne a square or a zoo.

A similar sea lion sculpture also made of black terrazzo is conserved in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.