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Style Other / Ref.12847

Set of twelve metallic structure shaped as an arc, 19th century

Width: 228'' ⅜  580cm
Height: 69'' ⅝  177cm
Depth: 6'' ¼  16cm
Inner width: 208'' ⅝  530cm
Inner height: 59'' ½  151cm

This metallic structure, typical of the 19th century, is composed of twelve curved pieces which are 580 cm by 117 cm by 16,5 cm (in dimension), ten of them are in good condition.

Metal began to be used in architecture and civil engineering in the late 18th century. At the same time the Industrial Revolution progressed and iron and cast iron production soared, metal was more and more massively used. The design and practice of architecture was henceforth dramatically transformed. First employed for technical reasons, metallic architecture was used for the covered markets, train stations, bridges, covered galleries, large pavilions at the World's Fairs and all transitory constructions. The first quality of iron and of his derived products was that it resists to fire. Hence, since 1830, because of candlelight and then gas lighting, all the theaters were built in iron. This material was far more resistant than wood or stone. It allowed to increase spans, or to an equal span to lighten or open buildings and to install large glass walls.

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