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Style Louis XIV / Ref.11627

Lot of antique walnut parquet flooring, Star of David decor, 18th century

Width: 37'' ⅜  95cm
Height: 37'' ⅜  95cm
Depth: 1'' ⅛  3cm

France, 18th century

To be restored

Set of 18th-century walnut parquet floor decorated with the Star of David. The hexagram formed by two equilateral triangles represents, according to Jewish tradition, the emblem of King David. It is a very ancient symbol, the oldest copy of which dates back from the 7th century BCE. If it seems relatively frequent to find representations of the Star of David on the ground, especially in the cobbled streets of certain spanish or italian cities, it turns out much rarer to see this motif on an antique Versailles type parquet flooring. To our knowledge, this is the only example known to date. The rarity of this parquet floor decorated with a Star of David seems to indicate that it was a particular order.
This set of parquet includes 12 large panels, 6-7 half-panels and a panel of different size.

Price: on request

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