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Style Neo-Renaissance / Ref.0962

« Leaving for the Hunt , Important enamelled stained glass window by Maison Lorin coming from the Château des Ollières in Nice, France

Width: 43'' ¼  110cm
Height: 91'' ⅜  232cm

1883, Château des Ollières, Nice (South of France).
Signed : "M. Lorin, Chartres, 1883".

Very good condition, a few cracks that have been set back together (see pictures).

Framed by a geometrical frieze, this panel presents two figures standing under an architectural structure with a backdrop of a medieval landscape. The two characters are ready for the hunt: a gentleman, seen from the back, holds a greyhound by a leach, a lady turned slightly to the right has a falcon perched on her left hand. Her right hand points to the Provence region's coat of arms at her feet : “paly of or and gules”.
Both are dressed in the styles of the days of François 1er and Henri II (1rst half of 16th century): the man wears a short doublet over a red chemise, an upper bombasted hose over particolored tights. The sleeves and shoes are « paned » as was very stylish in the 16th century. He wears a cap with a feather, which was equally very popular in those days. The lady wears a long Carmen red gown with puffed green shoulders and a lace collar. A large embroidered purse hangs from her waist.
In the background, a landscape with a castle stands out against a blue sky. Imaginative architectural elements frame this scene in the Renaissance style: very fine columns support a curved pediment lush with flower and leaf festoons. The base of the composition is a trompe-l’œil of an architectural decoration framed by putti holding a festoon of flowers and fruit. In the middle, a blue shield heralding what are probably initials.

The Neo-Renaissance style stained glass window is the work of the Lorin workshop, in Chartres, dated 1883.
Different techniques were used for this composition: some of the glass is painted with enameled paint, with double panes enameled on both sides, which creates a sense of depth (see the man’s puffed doublet sleeves); some are enameled on one side and acid etched on the other (detail of the ladies necklace); some details around the central figures, were made using stencil techniques. This piece is representative of the high quality artists reached in that period, in their ability to render refined details, the delicacy of the skin, the texture of the clothes (notice the difference between the velvet of the lady’s dress, and the silk of the gentleman’s clothes). The extraordinary refinement of the play of light and color in this composition places this piece at the highest level of quality of its period.
This window was in a mansion in the region of Nice, called the château des Ollières.

According to the archives generously opened for us by the present Maison Lorin, we do know that this piece was ordered by a senior local government official, Mr Usquin, in 1882, who may be Emile Usquin , a civil servant who has had an exemplary career, climbing the ladder up to becoming the consul of Mexico in Monaco. Our stained glass window would thus be an order from this major statesman after he purchased the Château des Ollières around 1881-1882.

Follow this link to read our blog post dedicated to this sumptuous stained glass by Lorin.

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