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Style Neo-gothic / Ref.3359

"The Armourins' procession", large historical Neo-Gothic style stained glass window

Width: 82'' ¼  209cm
Height: 67'' ⅜  171cm

19th century, France.

In perfect condition.

This large Neo-Gothic style stained-glass window was made in the 19th century. It represents a processional scene in the 16th-17th century, in a village with a medieval past, which allows the painter of this stained-glass window to show his mastery of the grisaille.
He describes with great precision the Gothic church, with its large rosette and lancet archs, a city gate with crenellated towers and arrowslits, a small castle where the lord and his lady appear on the balcony.
A procession of the faithful leaves the church, led by Swiss guards wearing the morion, and followed men, then women of the village, through the winding streets of the city. In the procession, men carry treasures: a large golden key, a large nave, an ewer and a vial of oil.
Some clues can be found in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), in particular the shield which adorns the bugle of one of the Swiss guards: a diagonal key and two stars, reminiscent of the arms of the Grandjean family of Neuchâtel. The presence of four men in armor at the beginning of the procession may refer to the Armourins' procession, tradition of Neuchâtel since the fifteenth century. Four novices were presented in armor during a climb to the castle, followed by the ushers, fifes and drums, then village bourgeois.