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Style Neo-Renaissance / Ref.14863

Jean-François GECHTER (1796-1844) (follower of) Pair of Candelabras in bronze

Width: 14'' ⅛  36cm
Height: 42'' ⅛  107cm

Circa 1860.

In very good condition

This exceptional Neo-Renaissance style pair of candelabras in silvered bronze, representing two warriors in armour, was modelled by Jean-François Théodore Gechter and made around 1860. The expert work of carving each minute detail of the armoury, is characteristic of the sculptor’s style and emphasizes his technical brilliance. Jean-François Théodore Gechter exhibited regularly at the Salon from 1824 to 1844, from subjects in the Romantic movement to historical themes, through which he could express his talent for archaic scenes, featuring characters with elaborate costumes, sometimes whimsical and anachronistic, but representative of the troubadourian aesthetic he was engaged in. The treatment of the costume and human figure is extremely tactile in this pair of candelabra providing Gechter the opportunity to sculpt a wealth of detail with extreme precision. This pair of candelabras were modelled after a drawing by Gechter and made after his death.

Price: $ 33 600

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