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Created in 1804, the company was taken up by the son, Guilllaume Derniere. The father and the son were important decorative bronze manufactures in Paris. Their works appeared at the World Fair in Paris in 1855, described as, “clocks, chandeliers, candelabras, especially for the table, lights, etc, bronzes of different styles and times.”
The Denières moved several times, going from the rue de Turenne, in 1812, to the rue de Charlot (from 1860 to 1890), passing by the rue d’Orleans (from 1820 to 1840). They also made bronze furniture, candelabras, lights, large candlesticks, as well as clocks, and espeically table pieces in gilded bronze or “artistic” bronze following antique (Clodion, Pigalle) or modern (Carrier-Belleuse...) models.
The orders for the royal furniture under the July Monarchy and the Second Empire were very important: in 1852, for the Tuileries Garden, several clocks (Art Genie, Small reading lamp, Dog), large candlesticks, candelabras; in 1854 again for the Tuileries Garden, an entire series of clocks (Sapho, Agar and Ismael, Child with Penny Whistle).
Denière also received numerous orders from abroad. The most spectacular being the gilded bronze made for the Russian ambassador Kisselef in 1854, and several furniture pieces for the Viceroy of Egypt, Saïd Pacha. His contributions to the World Fair were always anticipated and remarked  as equal to those of the Maison Barbedienne.