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A  marble floor is a marble slab sealed to the ground which is placed in the front of the fireplace. This marble floor also serves to protect your parquet floor from falling embers and thus to protect you against any incident.

The marble workmen of the 19th century established some rules for when creating marble floors :

  1. The width of the marble paving stone is identical to the width of the fireplace.
  2. The depth is generally between 30 and 45 cms.
  3. The used marble is the same colour as the fireplace for a simple marble floor or the same colour as the marble used for the frame and another colour for a two or three squared marble floor.

There are several kind of fireplaces marble floors :


  1. Simple marble floors
    These marble floors are made with one marble slab which is the same colour as the fireplace.

  2. Two squares marble floors

    These marble floors have a frame made out of the same color as the fireplace and two squares made in a different coloured marble.

  3. Three squares marble floors

    These marble floors are the same as the two squares marble floors but with three squares.

  4. Marble floors with more elaborate drawings

    Some marble floors have a more elaborate drawing and also have several marble colours.

  5. Customized marble floors

    We can make custom-made marble floors.

    This marble floor was made especially for one of our client out of Black Belgium marble with brass baguettes.

Some of our antique fireplaces come with their original marble floor. We do everything we can to keep the original marble floors.  However sometimes the marble floors are broken or stained. As soon as it is possible, we restore the marble floors ourselves.

Additionally, sometimes fireplaces are not provided with their original marble floor. In this case, we can make marble floors. We try to find the best suited marbles for the fireplaces.