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In the town of Sarrancolin -like in Campan-, a small village in the Hautes-Pyrenees, several varieties of marbles are extracted since the Middle Ages. Those quarries knew their greatest glory during the reign of Louis XIV . The Sarrancolin marbles have all red flaming patterns but Sarrancolin Fantastico has a special pink-beige dominant tone.
The Sarrancolin marbles can be found in the most prestigious  staterooms of Versailles. It has been used for the large fireplace in the Hercules Salon, made under Louis XV and richly decorated with gilt bronzes.

We also find the same Sarrancolin Fantastico marble in the fireplace adorning Queen Marie Lecszinska's bedroom in Versailles.

The Sarrancolin marble quarries are located near the villages of Sarrancolin, Ilhet and Beyrede-Jumet, which are all located in the Hautes-Pyrenees Region. It is a mix of cream, yellow, pink, gray and green fragments. The surface of the marble presents red and white calcite veinings. The stone was originally extracted for local use by the Romans. Then quarries were closed and opened again at different times : the Ilhet quarries were reopened during the 16th century, while those of Beyrède had to wait until the 17th century.

From April 1686 to September 1689, forty Sarrancolin blocks  reached Paris to serve Louis XIV royal projects. In 1692, those quarries became "Royal Quarry" for the monarch use only.

Other exemples of Sarrancolin Fantastico marble are in the Louvre and the Senate : a beautiful Sarrancolin Framboise marble fireplace is in the Grand Salon of the Abondant castle, which is now conserved in the Louvre Museum.

Sarrancolin marbles has always been used for floors, wall coverings, fireplaces and furniture.

Exceptionnal fireplace in Sarrancolin Fantastico ornemented with gilt bronzed in Hercules salon, Versailles Castle.
Detail of the Sarrancolin Fantastico fireplace ornemented with gilt bronzed in Hercules salon. Carved by the sculptor François Antoine Vassé (1681-1736)
Sarrancolin Fantastico Fireplace in Marie Lecszinska Bedroom in Versailles.
Fireplace in Sarrancolin Fantastico carved by Louis Trouard (1728-1804). The Salon was made between 1747 and 1750 in the Rocaille style. Louvre Museum
Very elegant Régence style Sarrancolin marble mantel - Detail of the front.