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Style Louis XIV / Ref.9278

Cartoon for two entre-fenetre tapestry panels

Width: 26'' ¾  68cm
Height: 128''   325cm

Late 19th century.

Good condition.

Oil on canvas cartoon from The Braquenie Company for a pair of tapestry panels. Louis XIV style .
Natural decor on architectural trompe-l'oeil backdrop. Both tapestries are framed by frieze with a decor of glyphs and palmettes. From this backdrop, a mixture of military and floral motifs emerge: hanging trophies (helmets, plastrons, shields, and swords) intermingled with garlands of fruits and flowers.
The two pieces have a symmetrical design: the helmets, armors and large blue and gold shields are facing opposite directions, allowing them to be placed on either side of a window, thus the name ''entre-fenetre''
This composition finds its inspiration in the style in vogue during the reign of Louis XIV, a period of great inventive splendor in the decorative arts often centered on this theme of army trophies, which is also present in paintings and sculptures. The very naturalistic fruit and flower motif is a common feature in tapestries of this same period: they are used as decorative frames or are part of the decor.

The Braquenie Company is probably the most famous tapestry, rug and furniture fabric creator of the 19th century. In 1858, the Braquenie brothers, Alexandre and Charles-Henri, bought the Démy-Doineau company, a Parisian fabric store that existed since the18th century and owned a Parisian workshop. The Braquenie brothers then opened a workshop in Aubusson and another in Malines, and soon attraceted the most select clientele of Paris. They were official suppliers during the reign of Napoléon III in France (photo2), and of the King of Belgium and the German Emperor. After the Second World War, only the Braquenie Company was able to create the fabrics and tapestries necessary to restore the French castles that had suffered so much during the years of Occupation, for the Monuments Historiques. Since 1991, the company belongs to Pierre Frey.

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