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Style Japonism, Chinoiserie / Ref.11365

Japanese furniture with carved decoration and mother-of-pearl inlay

Width: 48'' ⅞  124cm
Height: 58'' ¼  148cm
Depth: 18'' ½  47cm

France, late 19th century

Inspired by the decors and motifs coming from the Far-East, this piece has a slightly asymmetrical composition in style with the French producers in the beginning of the Meiji Era. While the upper part is perfectly balanced and symmetrical, the lower part is made up of two unsymmetrical elements, a window and a cabinet closed by a very elaborate panel, with a textured background and engraved patterns. The latter, skewed, contributes to the relative deconstruction of this piece and surprises the viewer. The sculpted dragon in low-relief on this panel echoes the chimeras with monstrous heads depicted on the vertical uprights in the upper part. The cabinet is a major decorative element of this piece. Painted with a naturalistic decor in enamel, some motifs are produced in mother of pearl.
Indeed in several places this piece is garnished with mother of pearl elements engraved and inlaid in the wood. If the piece itself is a french production, this is not the case of the mother of pearl elements, coming from Chinese provinces and taken from preexisting furniture pieces or decorative panels.
If at present it is not possible for us to exactly identify the maker of this piece, we can affirm that it is a French production, greatly inspired by the works of Gabriel Viardot and of the Maison des Bambous of Perret and Vibert.

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