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Style Art Nouveau / Ref.15080

KOENIG & LAFITTE - Art Nouveau stained glass window with bindweed

Width: 45'' ¼  115cm
Height: 96'' ⅞  246cm
Depth: 2'' ⅜  6cm

20th century.

Good condition.

This stained glass window was created by Paul Koenig and Lafitte in the early years of the 20th century, during the flowering of Art Nouveau. This draughtsman and engraver, born in Épinal in 1883, was associated with Lafitte, a glass painter. Their creations were part of the École de Nancy movement. This school, founded in 1901 by Emile Gallé, Louis Majorelle, Antonin Daum and Eugène Vallin, aimed to develop the decorative arts in the provinces, and became the spearhead of the Art Nouveau style.

Our stained glass window is curved. The pattern is divided into six large, distinct panels. There are three in the upper section, separated by two arches that flare out towards the top. It is trimmed by a band of pink glass, which is covered in places with delicate bindweed flowers and leaves that emphasise the curvature of the upper arch. Their design is particularly fine and precise. In the centre, the glass is almost transparent, but the lead lines holding them in place flare out following the curvature of the vertical arches. The lower part of the stained glass window has a large central section of soft green hammered glass, which follows the shape of the arch separating it from the upper part, and at the bottom adopts the shape of a brace. In the spandrels, bordered by a thin line of pink glass, two bunches of bindweed repeat the pattern of the upper part.

This work can be compared with the stained glass window with Jasmin de Virginie made by these artists. This one, although generally more traditional in shape, also has a pink border (albeit in a stronger colour). The flared shape of our vase is repeated, with a variation. In addition, the variety of flowers represented, an original and exotic species, proves Koenig’s interest in flora. As in the stained glass window with bindweed, the flowers are depicted in buds at the bottom, blossoming more and more as they are depicted upwards.

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