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Style Art Deco / Ref.13028

Marius SABINO (from), Art Deco pressed-moulded glass ceiling light with pine cones


Height: 23'' ⅝  60cm
Diameter: 31'' ½  80cm


Some slivers

Taking its shape from a stylized flower, this ceiling light in pressed-moulded glass was made in the 1930's from a model by the glass maker Marius Sabino (1878-1961).
Famous Art Deco glass maker, Marius Sabino was born in 1878 in Sicily and arrived in Paris very young with his family in 1882. He starts following a wood sculpture formation before entering the ecole des Arts Decoratifs and specializes himself in the glass making. Fascinated by electricity, he creates his own ceiling lights fabrication company in Noisy le Sec, then diversifies his activity with the creation of decorative objets such as vases, cups or ornaments. He uses the molding making proceed (pressed-molded glass) for the realization of his ceiling lights. In 1925, with his participation to the Salon International des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, his notoriety really starts. When he died in 1961, his son continues the activity until 1875, then gives many molds to an american company, the "Sabino Crystal Company".
Our ceiling light is a very beautiful example of his production but doesn't bear his signature. The eight glass panels, of which the shape reminds petals, are held by metallic stick, and join each other in a small dome on the center of the composition. The whole is adorned with thorn and pine corns decoration in relief.