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Style Louis XIV / Ref.14163

Pair of terracotta lion statues, 18th century

Width: 49'' ⅝  126cm
Height: 23'' ⅝  60cm
Depth: 16'' ⅛  41cm

Late 18th century.

Good condition. Patina of time. Cracks. Small missing parts.

Resting on pedestals, this pair of terracotta lions was made in the 18th century.

These terracotta lions are based on ancient iconography and are inspired from the 17th and 18th centuries. The reclining lion is one of the artistic representations that already existed in Antiquity. This symbol of strength, in the position of a guardian, was widely executed in terracotta. This was mainly the case in Italy, of which the Marzocco lion revivals or Antonio Canova's reclining lions are eloquent examples. However, Northern Europe and France also produced pairs of terracotta lions until the 19th century.

In ancient times, the lion was a symbol of power and at the end of this period it was associated with princely imagery. In the Middle Ages it also became a heraldic symbol. It is well represented in classical art as an exotic animal. The art of these past periods, which became a source of inspiration for the art of the 19th century, feed the production of artists including the one who created our pair of statues.

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