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Style Japonism, Chinoiserie / Ref.13575

Raingo Frères, Japanese set clock in gilt bronze with Foo dogs and elephants, circa 1880

Width: 15''   38cm
Height: 23'' ⅝  60cm
Depth: 9''   23cm

19th century.

Good condition.

This japanese set clock, exceptional by its decoration and carving quality, was made, around 1880, by the Raingo brothers as indicate the signatures on the dial and the mechanism.

Born in a clockmakers dynasty, the Raingo brothers, Adolphe Hubert Joseph (1796 – 1839), Charles François Victor (1801-1884), Denis Lucien Alphonse (1802 – 1870) et Dorsant Emile Joseph (1805 – 1859) were the sons of Zacharie Joseph Raingo, Horologist-Mecanician of the Crown Storage unit in 1824, of whom, the father Nicolas-Joseph was also a clockmaker. The Raingo brothers are really quickly noticed for their bronzes. Indeed, first known for their clocks, they add to their production art and furnishing bronzes. From 1860, The Raingo house creates remakables pieces for the Emperor and the Impress, a collection that can be admired today in the Louvre Museum. The house participates for the first time the 1855 World Fair in London. In the 1867, 1878 and 1889 World Fairs in Paris, they win each time a reward and the gold medal in 1889. The works of the Raingo brothers can be found in many museums suche as the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris, the musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire in Brussels, the Museo Poldi Pezzoli in Milano and the Palacio Real of Madrid.

Our clocks is composed of a clock taking the shape of an asiatic architecture recognizable by the imitation of the pagoda roof. The decorative motifs are also inspired by the Far-East shapes, like the scrolls but also the two elephants prepared headson each sides, holding with their trunks a pendant. We also find on the top of the clock the representation of a Foo dog. On the enameled dial, the hours are displayed in kanji and indicates by the hands shaped as a dragon.
The clock is accompanied by two other elements imitation a traditional perfume burner put on an important base in the same Japanese taste and each surmounted by a Foo dog.
The Japanese inspiration of this beautiful set clock is typical of the taste in the late 19th century. Its creators wanted to show all their know-how through an abundance of Far-East motifs of which the realization demonstrates a sure quality.