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Style Japonism, Chinoiserie / Ref.11352

Maison des Bambous Alfred PERRET et Ernest VIBERT (attributed to) - Japanese style embroidered silk screen

Width: 101'' ⅝  258cm
Height: 79'' ⅛  201cm

France, circa 1880-1890

The production of this large sculpted wood screen of far-eastern inspiration is attributed to the Maison des Bambous de Perret et Vibert. Made of four panels, it is crowned by a latticed wood frieze where a small menacing dragon strolls. The body of the screen is finely decorated. Some finely represented birds frolic among luxurious vegetation where different kinds of flowers are depicted.

Little known until now, the Maison des Bambous is however of a large importance in the history of Japanese furniture. Founded just before 1879 by Alfred Perret at 30 Quatre-Septembre road in Paris, the Maison des Bambous first specialized in the production of “luxury wicker, bamboo furniture and planters.” It was only around 1880 that Alfred Perret appeared in the Didot-Bottin while making furniture. We can therefore place the beginning of the making of Far-Eastern inspired furniture to this time. In 1882, Alfred Perret moved his store to number 33 Quatre-Septembre road, where the company’s headquarters remained until its closure. It was only a little later, in 1886 that Alfred Perret joined with his own son, named Vibert. The company was then able to grow dramatically and became a supplier of world leaders in France and abroad. The Duc of Montmorency, Princess Mathilde, Empress Eugenie and King George I of Greece were among their loyal customers. From 1889, the company participated in the World Exposition where it would be noticed.
It was only in 1894 that the company took the name that we now know, the Maison des Bambous. It grew again significantly, until it had a branch at 170 Haussman Boulevard starting in the early 20th century. The Maison des Bambous still had successful days ahead and did not close permanently until 1994.

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