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Style Japonism, Chinoiserie / Ref.15402

Maison des Bambous by Perret and Vibert (att. to) - Japonese style pair of sellettes with dragons decor


Height: 44'' ½  113cm

Circa 1880-1890

In very good condition.

This pair of Japanese style carved wood sellettes is attributed to the Maison des Bambous, company owned by Perret and Vibert, Parisian producer of Far East inspired furniture, around 1880-1890. Two large dragons with sinuous bodies make up the central part of these sellettes. Placed so that they are looking at each other, they form a true pair. Their bodies are elaborately carved, the accentuated and tortuous lips and the flat nose are common features of Maison des Bambous. The bodies wind down the sellettes and wind around themselves, finishing with an abundance of curved lines, which make up the flamed dragons' tails. Perret and Vibert's Maison des Bambous was set up in 1872 at number 33 rue du Quatre-Septembre. Specialised in the production of small furniture and seats made out of bamboo and wicker, they quickly turned towards the production of Japanese and Chinese inspired carved wood furniture. Around 1910, they opened a branch at 170, boulevard Haussmann and kept it open until 1994, the year that Maison des Bambous permanently closed.

Price: $ 26 250

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