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Style Empire / Ref.10968

Antique large cast iron fireback inspired by " The Oath of the Horatii" by David, first half of the 19th century

Width: 44'' ½  113cm
Height: 45'' ¼  115cm
Depth: 1'' ⅛  3cm

First half of the 19th century, France

This antique fireback was made in the first half of the 19th century. In the center, in an octagonal medallion, four armed soldiers in antique-inspired outfit vigorously raise their arms over a fire. Their pose is directly inspired by David's painting exhibited at the Louvre Museum The Oath of the Horatii . This painting represents a mythical and legendary episode of ancient Rome: the Horace brothers swear to their father to conquer or to die in the war against the Curiaces to defend the city of Rome.
A certain solemnity emanates from the scene represented on our fireback whose warrior theme is recalled by the decorations that surround it among which are banners, flags, laurel branches, crowns and a helmet.

Price: on request

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