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Style Louis XIV / Ref.11109

Imposing cast iron fireback with wedding coat of arms of Prosper Bauyn and Gabrielle Choart de Busenval, circa 1670

Width: 48'' ⅜  123cm
Height: 49'' ¼  125cm
Depth: 3'' ⅛  8cm

France, circa 1670.

Beautiful patina.

This very important cast iron fireback features the wedding coat of arms of Prosper Bauyn and his wife Gabrielle Choart of Busenval.
Prosper Bauyn, knight, lord of Bersan and Angervilliers, master accountant of the King for his private affairs, marries Gabrielle Choart of Busenval in March 7, 1668.
The Bauyn coat of arms is as follows: blue with a golden chevron, accompanied by three silver right hands. The crest is surmounted by a marquis crown and supported by two lions.
The Choart coat of arms are : silver with a blue chevron, accompanied by three martlets.
In the lower part of the fireback, we find the monogram of the spouses, P, B, G, and C intertwined.
Prosper Bauyn, who died on June 18, 1700, and Gabrielle Choart de Busenval are the parents of Prosper-Nicolas Bauyn who was secretary of state at the War Department in 1728 and Minister of State in 1730. He died in Marly in 1740, bitterly regretted by King Louis XV.