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Style Other / Ref.13002

Surprising pair of varnished earth depicting a woman bust, North Italy, circa 1850

Width: 3'' ⅛  8cm
Height: 6'' ¼  16cm
Depth: 13''   33cm

19th century.

This pair of andirons is quite original because of the material used to create them. Indeed, very often we find andirons made of cast iron or wrought iron but not many in ceramic. Our pair of andirons is the work of an art craftsman, living in the old Duchy of Savoy in the north west of the actual Italy, annexed by France under the Second Empire, while the rest of the Italian peninsula territories are integrated to the new kingdom of Italy.

The shape of these anthropomorphic andirons are quite simple, they are decorated with women busts of which each face’s lines and strand of hair have been marked carefully, while the front is adorned with neoclassical decoration with volutes. Sculpted in terra cotta, they were next, enameled with a brown glaze.

Our pair of andirons were presented during the exhibition « Terres de feu, de lumière et de songes » organized in Aubagne in 2009 by les Ateliers Thérèse Neveu and are illustrated on the exhibition catalogue at page 18. This event was the occasion to reunite many ceramic objects used to heat, light and smoke.

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