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Style Empire / Ref.1526

Green Marble Mantel with Empire style Insert with Bronzes

Width: 55'' ½  141cm
Height: 41'' ⅜  105cm
Depth: 11''   28cm
Inner width: 39'' ⅜  100cm
Inner height: 33'' ½  85cm

The green marble adds character and originality to this mantel with very sleek lines. Two straight jambs, each rising from a plinth to a capital, support a plain entablature. The jambs and capitals are decorated with fluting, the entablature with moldings. A wide cornice tops the composition. What makes this mantel rare is the insert decorated with gilded bronze features and its finely chiseled air vent. The insert is flanked with a pair of candelabras, which are very thin and tall. The top part of the insert features a bronze antique chariot with two wheels and two galloping horses driven by a woman with long hair blowing in the wind. The use of Antique style elements and ornamentations made out of bronze, such as palmettes, is characteristic of the Empire style.

Carved out of Patricia marble. The marble floor is not available.