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Style Louis XV / Ref.4984

Louis XV period mantelpiece in Royal Red marble decorated with asymmetrical cartouches

Width: 59'' ⅞  152cm
Height: 41'' ¾  106cm
Depth: 11'' ⅜  29cm
Inner width: 45'' ⅝  116cm
Inner height: 33'' ⅛  84cm

18th century.

Good condition.

This Louis XV period mantelpiece in Royal Red marble was carved in the second half of the 18th century. It is characterized by its rich Rococo style décor. The lintel is framed by an asymmetrical cartouche interlaced with foliage. It follows a curve forming an accolade typical of this period. The curves and counter curves are underlined by mouldings. The jambs are crowned with cartouches with irregular edges following an "S" curve. Further down, a second counter curve makes the transition to the lower jamb, which is straighter but flares out at the base.

Our mantelpiece is a fine example of the Rococo style, which was very popular at the beginning of the reign of king Louis XV. This style is characterized by asymmetry, the omnipresence of curves and counter curves and the use of irregular patterns, which we find here.

This fireplace is sold with its original marble floor and a modern insert.

Price: on request

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