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Style Napoleon III / Ref.5324

Napoleon III style mantelpiece in Statuario Carrara marble, with mantel top including a clock

Width: 63'' ¾  162cm
Height: 65'' ⅜  166cm
Depth: 14'' ⅝  37cm
Inner width: 35'' ⅞  91cm
Inner height: 32'' ⅝  83cm

19th century.

Good condition.

This Napoleon III style mantelpiece was made in Statuary marble in the 19th century. It includes many Renaissance inspired elements. It features an imposing mantel top, also in marble. It is crowned by a semi-circular pediment adorned with two intertwined laurel branches. The pediment surmounts a rectangular cartouche carved with two cornucopias overflowing with flowers and linked by a ribbon in low-relief. A clock is set in the centre of the cartouche. The central element is framed on either side by two consoles, then by a promontory adorned with a frieze of posts. The promontory is topped by scrolls that visually link it it to the semi-circular pediment.

The lintel of the fireplace is richly sculpted. It is organised around a winged shell. The lintel is punctuated on either side by alternating metopes and triglyphs. The triglyphs are carved with fish scales and each surmounted by a small scroll, while the metopes are adorned with various motifs: at either end, a bouquet of acanthus leaves; and towards the centre, letters, a B and a C, intertwined with leaves. The jambs are carved on two sides. Their upper end is adorned with a scroll surmounting a shell motif, below which runs a bundle; below this is a leafy cartouche adorned with a sunflower, with dangling tassels (seeming set in motion by a breath of air) and a stylised flower pattern. Just above the base, the jambs end in a lion’s paw. The interior part is adorned with a large moulding, the upper corners of which are decorated with acanthus leaves.

This fireplace is sold with a modern cast iron insert adapted to this fireplace but without any marble floor. This one could be made to order (please ask for marble availability).

Price: on request

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