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Style Napoleon III / Ref.14593

Paul MAZAROZ - Napoleon III style semi-circular paneled wall

Width: 157'' ½  400cm
Height: 160'' ⅝  408cm
Depth: 55'' ⅛  140cm

19th century.

Good condition.

Rare piece of woodwork known to Mazaroz, the wall is built around a central fireplace topped by a mirror set in a highly ornate architectural frame. The eclectic decorative style used is characteristic of the lavish works of the Second Empire. The woodwork bears a signature by Mazaroz. The year is inscribed on each side of the mantel: "Anno 1877".

Mazaroz's character is atypical. A native of Lons-le-Saunier and a friend of the famous painter Gustave Courbet, Paul Mazaroz is a multi-faceted character. In addition to being a patron of the arts and a sculptor, he is also the author of sociological and economic essays. After joining Riballier's workshop in Paris, he became his partner by marrying his daughter in 1853. This collaboration led the Riballier-Mazaroz factory towards modernity. Indeed, Mazaroz discovered the use of machines in cabinet making during the Universal Exhibition of 1851, a technique practiced by the English. He was the first to adopt it in France and considered himself an "industrial artist". His desire to adapt to the progress of his time led him to publish a photographic collection of his creations rather than a simple catalogue of engravings. Supplier to Napoleon III, his company became one of the most prosperous industries of the Second Empire and the Third Republic.

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