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Style Neo-Renaissance / Ref.03170

The monumental mirror coming from an exceptional furniture set realized by Moses Michelangelo Guggenheim for the Palazzo Papadopoli in Venice, Italy

Width: 63'' ¾  162cm
Height: 115'' ⅜  293cm

Between 1874 and 1881.
Salone delle Quattro Porte, Palazzo Papadopoli, Venice, Italy.

Sculpted walnut wood.
In excellent condition.

This gigantic mirror uses the same decorative collection as the side table and large dresser. The carved wood frame has the same motifs. The uprights are decorated with bearded sheathed men, whose long sleeves are decorated with acanthus leaves. One finds this same pattern on the uprights of the window. The representation of the body with generous muscles demonstrates the skill of the sculptor. The upper part contains the identical entablature of the credenza with a frieze of festoons topped with shells alternating with masks of fantastic creatures. As on the credenza, a projecting cornice rests on carved corbels.

Here again we see how an overall design directed the production of this furniture, where each piece contains a decorative element of another while enriching it.

The Palazzo Papadopoli is a Venetian palace built by Giovanni Giacomo de 'Grigi (active from 1540 to 1575), around 1560.
The palace passed from hand to hand before being purchased on January 25, 1864 by two brothers, Nicolo and Angelo- Papadopoli Aldobrandini. Thus began the last phase of splendor of the palace which was considerably enlarged and whose surroundings were redecorated entirely from 1874-1875. This undertaking was led by the architect Girolamo Levi and by the decorator and antique dealer Michelangelo Guggenheim. This important sculpted mirror is part of a somptuous furniture set realized for the Salone delle Quattro Porte of this Venetian palace.

This set of 14 pieces of furniture coming from the Palazzo Papadopoli will be sold as one set.

Price: on request

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