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Style Other / Ref.13459

Series of four earthenware bas-reliefs, "Putti fishing", late 19th century

Width: 31'' ½  80cm
Height: 10'' ⅝  27cm
Depth: 2'' ¾  7cm

19th century.

Good condition.

This series of four bas-releifs was made of earthenware in the late 19th century, the artist or the factory are not identified even though one of them is bearing the monograme "EB".

Each panel depicts a polychromatic decoration in frieze inhabited by putti sailing on the sea and hunting with harpoons and nets some marine monsters and fishes. On one of the bas-relief, five putti are on an boats, two of themn are huntinf with a trident a big dimensions fish, while the others are occupieds net fishing. On the two others, of one the boat is attacked by marine mosnters looking like dragons and sea horses. Armed with harpoons and arrows, the putti are fighting, keeping the boat on sea and riding the aquatic creatures. Finally, on the last frieze, the putti seem to be coming back from fishing, bringing back the boats on the ground with the net filled with fishes.

The richness of the colors used and the shape of the friezes translate a charming decora with an expressive narrative work.

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