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Style Japonism, Chinoiserie / Ref.13384

Edmond LACHENAL for L'ESCALIER DE CRISTAL, Earthenware bowl decorated with flowers, circa 1890


Height: 3'' ½  9cm
Diameter: 12'' ⅝  32cm

France, 19th century

This elegant ceramic bowl was created by Edmond Lachenal for L’Escalier de Cristal around 1890. It bears his signature.

A ceramist and painter, Edmond Lachenal is known for his pastel and velvety enamels, characterized by their great softness. A medalist at the 1889 Universal Exposition, he was one of the favorite ceramists of Sarah Bernhardt, the tragedienne and woman of taste.

He made this bowl for L’Escalier de Cristal. Founded around 1808 by Widow Desarnaud, this famous establishment was taken over by the brothers Georges and Henri Pannier at the end of the 19th century. They actively contributed to the spread of Japonism, of which this work is a beautiful testament, while maintaining the high quality that made the store’s reputation.

Our bowl features a Japanese-inspired design: the hand-painted decoration depicts cherry blossom branches (called sakura in Japanese). Japonism was then in full bloom, both in the decorative arts and in the fine arts.

The colors used and the chosen motifs, notably the variations on the blue background, are very similar to those of an Edmond Lachenal vase held at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

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