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Style Japonism, Chinoiserie / Ref.14507

The Royal Macaw vase painted by Albert-Léon LEBARQUE and its original harness


Height: 45'' ⅝  116cm
Diameter: 18'' ⅞  48cm

19th century, French

Good condition

Exemplary of the 19th century fascination with Asia, the decoration of this spectacular vase is the work of Albert-Léon Lebarque.

Painter and sculptor, Lebarque is known for having designed the medals of the Compagnie du Chemin de Fer du Nord. Lebarque also worked as an earthenware painter for renowned ceramists, exhibiting in particular at universal exhibitions.

Our vase is presented on its original saddle. Made of wood, it is characterized by its Japanese style, its complex shapes and its great elegance. The vase is decorated with a decoration very rich in patterns and colors, painted on enameled ceramic and signed by the artist. It combines blooming liliums, butterflies and a masterful macaw with its blue and gold dress.

It is a royal parrot, an animal symbol of freedom, power and longevity in Asian culture. The chubby belly of our vase also features two grotesque heads, placed symmetrically. Their presence underlines the marvelous character of this setting.

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