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Style Egyptian / Ref.14204

Théodore DECK et Albert ANKER, Dish with Egyptian decoration in earthenware, representing an Egyptian queen


Height: 2''   5cm
Diameter: 13''   33cm

19th century

Good condition

This signed and dated dish, with its Egyptian-inspired iconography, is the result of a collaboration between ceramist Théodore Deck and painter Albert Anker that began in 1866, at a time when associations between the fine and decorative arts were numerous and popular.

At its centre is a profile portrait of a young woman, probably a princess or a queen, crowned with a bird and wearing a large ornament reminiscent of Egyptian necklaces. The edges of the dish are decorated with petterns imitating hieroglyphics, alternating with small scenes inspired from Egyptian bas-reliefs.

Fascination with Egypt began in France following Napoleon's campaigns. Throughout the 19th century, a series of excavation campaigns led to discoveries that fascinated European artists and influenced their art. This is the case here for the dish by Théodore Deck and Albert Anker. This enthusiasm for Oriental art can also be seen in a dish with Assyrian decoration (1870, Musée d'Orsay), also the result of collaboration between these two artists.

Nowadays, there is no known equivalent to these two dishes.

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