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Style Neo-gothic / Ref.1486

Stone Neo-Gothic mantel dated 1908

Width: 68'' ⅞  175cm
Height: 86'' ⅝  220cm

France 1908

Good condition

This high Neo-Gothic style mantel, made out of stone, can be precisely dated back to 1908, thanks the year being inscribed on the two escutcheons placed above the jambs. The jambs are thin and slender compared to the massive entablature they support. They are made up of a double polygonal base, and from it rises a slanted semi-column. The two angles playing musical instruments that crown the jambs, are curved under the projection of the entablature. They follow the style of the gothic features often found on cathedrals. Next to the ecustcheons, mentioned above, two fleurs de lys carved against a diamond shaped panel frame an Apocalypse scene. Archangel Michael is represented in all his glory with a trefoil aureole, slaying the dragon with his spear. Artists who adopted the Troubadour style at the start of the 19th century, longed to revive a fantasised Middle Ages, finding most of their inspiration from Christianity. Under the phlyactery, where the scene is carved, a frieze of flowers adds character to the hearth, whilst a frieze of rinceaux decorates the lower part of the cornice. On the cornice, the presence of a salamander, emblematic animal of Francois the 1st, also adds to this nostalgia of the glorious past. The top of the cornice, is decorated at each corner with a lion who is holding a shield in his paws.