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Style Neo-Renaissance / Ref.14227

A rare piece by Emile GALLÉ, moon and landscape fantasy after Joseph Vernet


Height: 3'' ⅛  8cm
Diameter: 13'' ¾  35cm

19th century, French

Bon état

Its shape is original. In relief, the rim of the circular dish takes up the motif of the crescent moon, symbolized by a face.

This iconography has ancient roots, with mythological stories readily associating the moon with a male character. This is a pareidolia (optical illusion), or the propensity to see an identifiable shape in a natural element (in the clouds, on the illuminated surface of the moon, in a rock, etc.).

This rare piece by Emile Gallé, bearing his signature, is a creation from the years 1863-1877. The interior of the dish is decorated with a landscape scene inspired by a painting by Joseph Vernet, Le Rocher piercé, disseminated through engraving. A study sheet by Gallé representing the same lunar-shaped piece with a different decoration is in the Musée d'Orsay, in Paris.

The creation of this lunar frame model comes from Gengoult Prouvé, who worked for Emile Gallé's father, at the head of the family glassmaking business that his son developed in the 1870s. This model was also used to create blown, molded and wheel-engraved glass ashtrays, called Clair de lune.

The National Museum of Arts and Crafts keeps an identical work, representing Pierrot and Columbine, known under the title La Lune rousse.

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