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Style Art Nouveau / Ref.14511

The salamander and the lizard, a rare piece from ZSOLNAY Manufactory


Height: 9''   23cm
Diameter: 8'' ¼  21cm

19th century

Good condition

A piece of indisputable originality, both in terms of its subject and its pearly color, this vase bears the signature of the Zsolnay Manufacture.

Zsolnay is a Hungarian ceramic factory founded by the merchant Miklos Zsolnay in 1851. Present at the Universal Exhibition of 1878 in Paris, it won a Grand Prize for its remarkable earthenware.

Created around 1900, our piece is fully in line with the art nouveau style, inspired by naturalism and a certain exuberance. Its high relief decoration represents the meeting between a lizard and a salamander. If these two animals do exist in nature, they also have a symbolic connotation.

The lizard symbolizes friendship and vigilance, while the salamander has a legendary aura attached to power and plenitude. Both are associated with rebirth, renewal. Our vase has been finished with a so-called “eosin” finish, a title given in reference to the god Eos and which combines the color of the ceramics with the pearly glow of dawn.

From 1893, and the introduction of eosin into their manufacturing process, Zsolnay ceramics gained in luxury and preciousness.

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