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Style Art Nouveau / Ref.14956

ZSOLNAY Manufacture, Planter With Crayfish, early 20th century

Width: 26'' ⅜  67cm
Height: 9''   23cm
Depth: 9''   23cm

Hungary, 20th century

This jardinière with crayfish was created at the Vilmos Zsolnay manufactory around 1906-1910.

The Zsolnay ceramic manufactory was founded by the merchant Miklos Zsolnay in 1853 in Pécs (in present-day southern Hungary). Ten years later, his son Vilmos took over the direction. He aligned it with the dynamic stylistic innovations of the late 19th century (Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, and Symbolism), giving it an international reputation. The manufactory indeed distinguished itself at the Vienna Universal Exhibition in 1873; its success was confirmed at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1878, where it won a Grand Prix, and remained constant until World War I.

Our vase is adorned with a glaze known as “eosin”. This new finish, developed from 1893, was named in homage to Eos, the goddess of dawn. It gives ceramics an iridescence reminiscent of the pearly light of this time of day. This technique quickly became the manufactory’s trademark and contributed to its success. The eosin glaze on this vase, in iridescent mauve and red tones, gives it its distinctive character.

On either side, the handles of the jardinière are formed by two red-clawed crayfish with arched bodies. This species of freshwater crustacean from Europe is particularly prized for its flesh. The naturalism with which they are represented places the work within the realm of Art Nouveau.

The piece bears the manufactory's five churches mark under the base. The number 627[5] is also visible.

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