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Style Neo-gothic / Ref.10634

Antique Troubadour style 5 pieces clock set, cast iron and Paris porcelain

Width: 16'' ⅞  43cm
Height: 27'' ½  70cm
Depth: 9''   23cm

Late 19th century, France.

In very good condition. Restorations on the porcelain.

This important Troubadour style fireplace garniture was realized in the 19th century. It includes a clock, two candelabras with six branches and two candlesticks, the set being made out of cast iron decorated with Paris porcelain.
A knight in armor leaning on an ax, his cuirass and shield on the ground, is accompanied by his young squire. He sets foot on an enemy flag. The group is mounted on a pedestal evoking medieval architecture by arches and a pediment in Neo-Gothic style . Three sides are decorated with painted porcelain plates, with grisaille decorations on a beautiful starry blue background. The deep blue is highlighted by golden paint and pink and water-green ornaments, evoking the art of illuminations.
The dial is decorated with medieval grisaille arms on a star-blue background. Two hands, chiselled with interlacings, indicate the hours painted in gold. Under the central panel an oval medallion depicts a medieval king, framed by crawling dragons. On each side, the arc-shaped porcelain plates represent knights in picturesque armor, in an ark decorated with chimeras, and in front of which cast iron war trophies are placed.
The two large six-branched candelabra, and the two small candlesticks, are also decorated with medallions depicting weapons and kings' faces, and their shape recalls a legendary Middle Ages.
The long hair of the characters, with large mustaches and winged helmets, indicate fantastic Gaulish warriors, perhaps Vercingetorix, whose memory had been popularized by Napoleon III.

Price: $ 12 390

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