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Style Art Nouveau / Ref.03215

DORVAL, enameller- enamelled triptych with women with chrysanthemum flowers.

Width: 39'' ⅜  100cm
Height: 20'' ½  52cm

Around 1900.

Signature “Dorval” on the central panel. Made around 1900, this large enamelled triptych is of an exceptional quality and has a very original composition. Three large panels, enamelled on copper are set in a carved wooden frame, with several species of flowers such as chrysanthemum flowers, this being the main theme of this triptych, as well as some poppy flowers or thistles. The three panels feature three women who are elaborately dressed and adorned. All three are dressed with large chrysanthemum flowers and carry a bouquet of these flowers in their hands. This flower here symbolises 'la joie de vivre' (the joy of being alive), gaiety and eternity, which corresponds with the joyful character of this triptych. The three women are shown as interacting with one another, whilst the central woman looks forward, the other two are looking towards her. The central panel features the signature of “Dorval” who we think must have been the enameller. With his use of vegetation and flowers, this triptych is completely characteristic of the new aesthetic born at the start of the 20th century, Art Nouveau.

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