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Style Japonism, Chinoiserie / Ref.11451

BACCARAT, Pair of square vases with cherry blossoms and birds, circa 1880

Width: 3'' ½  9cm
Height: 9'' ⅞  25cm
Depth: 3'' ½  9cm


Good condition

Pair of square vases with cherry blossoms and birds, circa 1880

The great transparency of the crystal highlights the fine gold enameled decoration executed on the surface of the vases.

Their square shape is characteristic of the manufacture's production at that time.

Founded under Louis XV, the French crystal factory Baccarat demonstrated its excellence at Universal Exhibitions throughout the 19th century.

On the vases, two cherry trees in bloom respond to each other in axial symmetry. One is covered in leaves, while the other is only flowered. The very fine details of the decoration are executed in relief.

The influence of Japonism is perceptible in the choice of iconography and in the execution of the decor.

The Baccarat crystal factory, innovative in its early embrace of Japonism, created a free-standing bottle between 1880-1890 in blown crystal, kept at the Musée d'Orsay. Its enameled and gold-rimmed decorations on the transparent crystal are the result of work identical to that of this vase.

Baccarat also designed a vase very close to ours in form and in the implementation of the technique, with a turtle decoration of eminently Far Eastern inspiration.

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