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Style Japonism, Chinoiserie / Ref.10977

Cristallerie Saint-Louis, Vase with dragon, before 1900


Height: 13''   33cm
Depth: 6'' ¼  16cm


Good condition

This vase with dragon decoration was created by the Saint-Louis crystal factory before 1900.

The Saint-Louis crystal factory was founded in 1585 in the Münzthal valley. She first worked with glass, before unlocking the secret of making crystal in 1781.

The body of the vase, in multi-layer glass, has an acid-etched jade green background which, thanks to the alternation of shiny areas and more matte areas, evokes the air in which the dragon evolves.

The upper colored layer, red, reveals the patterns of the dragon and bats, as well as the clouds. The engraved lines allow the color of the bottom of the vase to shine through, while certain details are enhanced with gold, which gives the fantastic figure depth and life.

The Chinese inspiration of the piece is particularly evident in the patterns that adorn the vase. The dragon is an eminently Far Eastern motif; the treatment of clouds is also part of an orientalizing mode of representation; finally, flames are represented in the same way in Chinese art as on our vase. It is even likely that an existing Chinese model was copied to create this piece.

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