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Style Other / Ref.12839

Ferdinand Duvinage – Pair of single-flower vases with a ivory marquetry decoration


Height: 10'' ¼  26cm
Diameter: 4'' ⅜  11cm

19th century.

Good condition.

This beautiful pair of single-flower vases was made by Ferdinand Duvinage between 1874 and 1884.
He files in 1874, 1876 and 1877 patents for a marquetry technique of mosaic with metallic partitioning for furniture and art objects. His method is really original because it involves the combined union of ivory as a base, wood for the designs or ornaments, and copper or other metal to partitioning the ivory fragments. The firm continues to participate to World Fairs where they win many medals, even though they are not that much mentioned by the critics, we know that the productions with the Japanese vocabulary created under the direction of Duvinage were also very appreciated and were a real commercial success.

He creates here, a beautiful pair of vases in glass with a shaped thin and elegant shape, that evokes a flower’s corolla and adorned on the walls with a enameled reed decoration. The vases rest on a gilt bronze base remarkably and finely chiseled lightened up with a marquetry decoration of ivory taking from the process invented by the artist.

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