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Style Napoleon III / Ref.11090

Allegory of a river in the form of a child, Statuary marble sculpture, base made of Vert de mer

Width: 22''   56cm
Height: 20'' ½  52cm
Depth: 10'' ⅝  27cm

France, 19th century

Sculpture in the round made out of Carrara Statuary marble resting on a base in Sea green marble.
It is a work of the late 19th century depicting a child crowned with leaves of aquatic plants, pouring the contents of an urn. Repeating the traditional iconographic codes of the river, a human representation usually crowned with reeds pouring water, the artist wanted to represent a source by the choice of a young child. The choice of a symbol of youth refers to the origin of "a watercourse". It will eventually turn into a river. As the child ages to become these imposing bearded men, allegory traditionally represented on fountains for example. Note the technical virtuosity of the artist who sublimates the expression of water by the fingers of the child passing through.

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