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Style Art Nouveau / Ref.13748

Pedro RIGUAL - "Chloé", bust in Carrara marble, circa 1910

Width: 14'' ⅝  37cm
Height: 20'' ⅞  53cm
Depth: 9''   23cm

France, 19th century


This very beautiful Art Nouveau bust was made by the Spanish sculptor Pedro Rigual (Barcelona 1863 - Paris 1917) in Carrara marble in the 1910's.
First student in the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Barcelona, he spends a part of his career in Paris where he exhibits in the Salon of 1891, 1892, 1893 and 1897. He creates here the bust of a young woman with a touching glance and messy hair to which are mixed flowers forming a crown. The drapery that is hiding her chest is confused with the base of the sculpture on which was put a panpipes and written the name "Chloe".

In the Greek mythology, Chloe is the name of the goddess Demeter as protector of the crops to who is associated "the notion of flowered and green nature, where all the plants blossom". The word khlóê (Χλόη) means the appearing grass, "the light green new shoot", "the one that covers with its verdant radiance plains and fields", especially according to Euripides, the meadow greenery even the one of the "intact and pure pasture" that hasn't known the sherperd's herd or the iron of the plough. Thus, "Demeter Cloe" appears like the goddess of the "new wheat" protecting the first shoots.

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