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Style Japonism, Chinoiserie / Ref.13453

Maison des Bambous, Alfred PERRET et Ernest VIBERT (attributed to)- Japanese bed with dragon-tigers

Width: 63''   160cm
Height: 72''   183cm
Depth: 84'' ⅝  215cm

19th century.

Good condition.

This Far-East inspired bed, made in the late 19th century, is attributed to the Maison des Bambous of Perret and Vibert.
Alfred Perret founded in 1879 in Paris a firm specialized in the creation of bamboo furniture and importation of authentically Japanese objects for a rich Parisian clientele. Located on the 33 de la rue du Quatre-Septembre, the firm becomes then specialized in the beginning of the 1880's in the fabrication of sculpted wood furniture inspired by the Far-East.
In 1886, the firm is taken by the son of Alfred Perret and by Ernest Vibert, it becomes thus, « Perret et Vibert » and will take the name « Maison des Bambous » in the early 1890. Perret and Vibert, astrue creators of their time, participate to the World Fair of 1889 taking place in Paris and win two silver medals. Following this first exhibition, they participate to many others : in 1894 the Exposition Universelle, Internationale et Coloniale of Lyon and the Exposition d'Horticulture des Tuileries, in 1900 to the World Fair of Paris.

Our Japanese bed present a rich decoration inspired by the Far East iconogrpahy. The headboard is crossed by a threatening hybrid creature, with a dragon body and a tiger head on which is attached a cartouche with a monogram. The headboard and footboard, on which we find the samed hybrid creature, are also adorned with plants and animals motifs sculpted in relief in the wood or inlaid with ivory and mother of pearl.

Our bed comes from the same address as the reference 13452 - Furniture for bathroom sink with its dragon mirror.

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