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Style Napoleon III / Ref.9415

Charles Hunsinger, Pair of ebony stands with bone marquetry decoration

Width: 17'' ¾  45cm
Height: 48'' ⅞  124cm
Depth: 11'' ⅜  29cm

France 19th century

Excellent conditions. A few minor restaurations are needed.

This pair of stands, in the form of an Ionic column, is made of ebony with a bone marquetry decoration depicting, on the upper part, a dragon in front with its wings spread, but with its face in profile, sticking out its tongue. It is surrounded by large acanthus leaves that intertwine with small flowers. The lower part is decorated with a long vertical motif surrounded by two amphipters, all framed by vegetal motifs and volutes. Both parts are framed by fine lines. Both stands stand on a wooden base with four legs.

These ebony stands decorated with bone marquetry are the work of the French cabinetmaker Charles Hunsinger, known as a "manufacturer of luxury and fancy furniture" according to the Almanach du Commerce of 1859. His work included inlaid ebony furniture, marquetry furniture and wedding baskets. Throughout his career, he took part in numerous World Fairs, notably all those held in Paris in 1865, 1867, 1878 and 1889, and also exhibited in Le Havre. His work was awarded a gold medal in Brussels in 1881, a medal for progress and merit in Vienna and a medal in London. Hunsinger's furniture enjoyed great renown during the reign of Napoleon III, and a cabinet dated 1879 is in the Musée d'Orsay.