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Style Japonism, Chinoiserie / Ref.11424

Maison des Bambous Alfred PERRET et Ernest VIBERT (attributed to) - Pair of wall brackets with elephant head

Width: 18'' ⅞  48cm
Height: 22'' ⅞  58cm
Depth: 11''   28cm

France, 19th century

Pair of carved and stained wooden wall brackets featuring an elephant head supporting a shelf decorated with an openwork frieze with an extreme Oriental decoration.

In 1879 Alfred Perret founded a company in Paris specialising in the manufacture of bamboo furniture and luxury basketry as well as the import of Japanese objects for wealthy European customers. In the early 1880s, the house located at 33 rue du Quatre-septembre, specialized in the manufacture of carved wooden furniture and lacquer furniture of Far Eastern inspiration.

In 1886, Alfred Perret's son took over the company with Ernest Vibert to found the company "Perret et Vibert". In the early 1890s it was renamed "Maison des Bambous".
In 1889, Perret and Vibert took part in the Universal Exposition in Paris and won two silver medals. They then participated in several events including in 1894 at the Universal, International and Colonial Exhibition in Lyon and the Horticultural Exhibition of Tuileries, and in 1900 at the Universal Exposition in Paris.

The Maison des Bambous has an excellent reputation and an international customer base that decorates its homes. Her clients include the Empress Eugenie, the Queen of Portugal and the King of Greece George I, the Duke of Montmorency, Princess Mathilde, the Japanese Field Marshal Yamagata and the Vanderbilt family.